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"Life was normal."

"After about two weeks, I woke up, and my body was different."

-Bill (Ft Worth, TX)



"My cardiologist said, “Judge, your heart's like a rag.”

My prognosis was pretty poor. After doing all the normal things that he could do for me, he said he had three extraordinary things that he wanted to try. He said if those didn't work, I needed to talk to Jesus.

One of those things was the EECP treatment at Legacy Heart Care. I was falling down, running into the wall. I was breathless. I was fighting fluid retention all the time. I'd been in the hospital routinely every 90 days for a long time. So I began receiving the Legacy Health Care treatments once a day, for seven weeks, for one hour.

After about two weeks, I woke up, and my body was different. Things were better. I wasn't falling down…I wasn't running into the wall…life was fairly normal.

I just finished my second tour of those treatments. After 15 months---15 good months, and I expect the same kind of benefit [this time]. In my opinion, any person with congestive heart failure ought to know about and probably try the Legacy Heart Care program."


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