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"Now...I am Pain-Free!"

"I am so thrilled with the results...I can't say enough about it; the people here at Legacy are just wonderful--they treat you like family."

-Sharon (Fort Worth, TX)


* * *

"Hi, my name is Sharon. I am so excited today to tell you about Legacy Heart [Care] and EECP treatment. Back about three years ago, I started having pain in my shoulder just below the shoulder blade. Then last year, I was admitted to the emergency room for symptoms of a heart attack. After testing, my cardiologist determined that I had angina, so he prescribed a daily nitroglycerin tablet and suggested this EECP treatment.

So after about three weeks of treatment, I decided that I really wanted to know if the treatment was working or not, so with my doctor's okay, I stopped taking the nitroglycerin. After that--maybe about three or four times--I had some pain in my shoulder....but now I am pain-free!

I am so thrilled with the results I can't say enough about it; the people here at Legacy are just wonderful...they treat you like family! I look forward to going back to the gym, and I would absolutely recommend the EECP treatment for anyone with a heart condition!"

* * *

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