"I Have Started Enjoying Life Again"

"I would recommend this treatment to everybody that feels the way I did and start enjoying life again, because...life is too short."

-Lino (Fort Worth, TX)

"I am proud to say and I'm glad to say that my overall experience has been very great and fantastic. I have more energy than I did before.

Before, I would just lay in bed and then sleep...and wake up...and get a bite to eat ...and come back...and rest again...and sleep again---that was all day and all night, and it's not a way of living--I would not [want] anybody to go through that but [EECP] has helped me a lot, and I am very happy with it.

When I first started here, I was just so out of energy--nothing--I would not want to even mow my lawn (and that was one of my pet peeves around my house--mowing our lawn, keeping it clean as we would like for our neighbors to do) and even my neighbors and my next door neighbor noticed that I had not mowed my lawn and he figured that I was not feeling well I couldn't do it and he was exactly right, because I didn't feel like doing anything....not even going outside---even watching TV was very stressful for me, because I could not sit there and concentrate.

Now, I've got time for my grandchildren (especially yesterday was beautiful outside!). I enjoy my grandchildren a lot and it's given me time again to enjoy life itself.

I enjoy golf. And now, I feel up to going out and playing at least nine holes. But because I drive through a golf course every day, and I see people out there, I just want to be out there, and now---I feel that I'm able to do that---I'm ready for golf!

I would recommend this treatment to everybody that feels the way I did and start enjoying life again--that would be my motto I guess--would be to "start enjoying life again," because...life is too short."

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