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"It's really uplifting"

"Going from a daily experience to most weeks not even having pain--it's just amazing."

-Arletta G. (Ft Worth, TX)



"My overall experience with Legacy heart care has been amazing. They---everyone, every day—are the sweetest people I've ever met, and they do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable-- to leave any fears that you have, to answer any questions that you might have, and to always check on your well-being.

The way that I heard about EECP and Legacy Heart Care was my doctor. I had an angioplasty, and he put two stents in, but my arteries (the remaining arteries that needed to be done) were too small to be able to do the stents. He said that my heart had created a natural bypass of its own, and he really is excited about this treatment, and he feels that it will get even better (the bypass and the new vessels).

The symptom that I had prior to my EECP therapy was like a tightness in my chest; almost daily I would have this at some time or another. I didn't always have to take my nitroglycerin, but there were times where almost every night I had to take it. I have stairs to get up to my bed, so I'd climb the stairs get to the top and by the time I lay down in bed, I could feel the tightness, and I couldn't get a good deep breath, so I would need my nitro. Also, just overall tiredness everyday.

I'm right at the end of my therapy, and it has probably been two to three weeks since I've taken a nitro. Going from a daily experience like that to just most weeks not even having it all--it's just amazing.

My advice for new patients is to just give it your all…you know, keep tracking and notice what changes you're feeling in your body, because it's just really uplifting to be able to see those changes and to know that there's long-term changes. This is something that can help get the relief that I need without having the invasive surgery."


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