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"It gets better and better"

"I can walk a lot farther, faster, with less pain, less exhaustion."

-Lealon G. (Ft Worth, TX)



How has your overall experience been at Legacy Heart Care?

Legacy is wonderful. This is my fourth time and the people here are so nice. Everybody really cares about you, is interested in your well-being and your welfare and tries to make it as pleasant an experience as they can.

Have you noticed a difference in the way you feel?

Since I have been coming to EECP, things have been a lot better. I have a lot more stamina and the ability to do things for longer periods of time. It's really been very helpful.

When did you start to feel the benefits of EECP?

I could tell within a couple of weeks from the very first time that something was different, and that some activities were easier. Each time that I do [the treatment] it seems to get better and better and better, so it's really been a good experience.

What activities can you do now that you were unable to do prior to EECP?

[In the beginning] I couldn't do a whole lot…walking a little even on level ground got me tired. But now I can probably do two flights of stairs. I can walk a lot farther, faster, [with] less pain, less exhaustion. It's been very good for me.

Do you have any advice for those who may be considering EECP?

Do it. You just have to do it. And while it's not always fun or easy to do, the benefits are very well worth it. The people here are really terrific they make it worth looking forward to and coming to everyday. It's an overall very good experience.


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