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"An Absolute Blessing for Me..."

"EECP has been the absolute best thing for my health...and is by far the best investment in your health that you can make."

-David (Fort Worth, TX)


* * *

"My experience at Legacy has been absolutely fantastic. The people are all very professional, very knowledgeable, and very friendly, so it makes the treatments very easy to do. Personally, I had a heart attack, a triple bypass, and a stent several years ago. Fortunately, after that, I was still experiencing chest pain, so my wife began researching alternative treatments, because surgical options had pretty much been exhausted for me, so that's when Legacy was discovered for us...and it's been the BEST thing for my health that I have done in several years. Prior to that, I was having trouble just doing chores around the house, taking care of our yard, mowing the grass, taking out the trash-- it always left me with excessive amounts of chest pain and discomfort. Since I've started doing the Legacy treatments, the chest pain has nearly completely subsided---it is not even a factor in my life---I don't worry about it, and I lead a very normal it's been just an absolute blessing for me-- everything about it has been very easy to do. Like I say--the people are very friendly; you get to watch movies, or listen to music during your treatment, and it is by far the best investment in your health that you can make."

* * *

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