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For those living with a heart condition or supporting someone who is.

Oct 9, 2018

You all are wonderful. :)
Oct 9, 2018

This treatment saved my life. Thank you so much to everyone at Legacy Heart.
Jun 17, 2018

I started eecp a few weeks ago, and I feel like a different person. I now have more energy, less shortness of breath and chest pain, and I can even think more clearly. Thank you to all the wonderful
Mabel S
Aug 16, 2017

I was recently diagnosed with heart failure and fluid in my lungs. Before then I was unaware that I had any heart issues at all, I just thought that it was my sleep apnea that was giving me the breath
Feb 19

You all have given me back my life. The treatment and the health program helped me in many ways. I am recommending it to everyone I know. Thank you!
James P.
Sep 21, 2018

Thank you for this website. This community is full of good people. God bless!
Apr 19, 2018

I am feeling discouraged by my health. due to my tiredness and pain, I can no longer do much of the things I used to like to do. I used to be a very athletic person, but now I just feel useless--to my
Carl M
Oct 9, 2018

I just had this desire to post this to say that reading everyone's words have helped me immensely. Even though I do not know you, just reading your posts have given me the distinct feeling that I am N
Aug 16, 2018

I only wanted to send out some warm thoughts to all those who might come upon this website. I pray that everyone who has gone through this treatment and is living with heart disease continues to remai
Apr 4, 2018

Thank you, Legacy Heart care, for having this website. This is my first time to visit, and I think I will be coming back often. The person who told me about this website said that I didn't have to run

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